Connecting With Touch Testimonials

“Joanna brings an important balance of ethical and experiential learning that goes to the heart of therapeutic touch. She is a powerful and joyful teacher.” Consultant and Coach

“The experience of CWT adds an infinite depth to the all roles in my life. It really provides a foundation for my OT practice that grounds ‘therapeutic use of self’.” -Occupational Therapist

“Joanna brings wisdom, extensive knowledge, and deep understanding of the body to her teaching. It is an excellent class that will be useful for many modalities of therapy.” -Massage Therapist

“CWT has given me a framework for healing and expansion for myself and my body that I’ll be able to apply to my client interactions in both yoga and coaching.“ -Coach and Yoga Instructor

“This course did a great job of delineating how absolutely essential touch is for any and every healing modality.” -Nurse

“Learning how to be aware of how my touch is felt by other people and how awareness of myself can help other people was the most valuable thing I learned.” -Somatic Movement Education student

“It was very rich and deep, and taught important, concrete skills that brought me the realization that I could feel shifts in someone else’s body, and that my hands, when I let them, had wisdom. These are all gifts.” -Self-explorer and Editor/Writer

“Most valuable for me was the hands-on experience of feeling the concepts and understanding the empirical data that backs it up.”

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