Full Body Listening: Reflections on Life, Healing and the Ecozoic

January 2013

I Am Full

The January weather of Nova Scotia has gone from a balmy mild wind to snow and frigid cold, so sharp it makes my lungs take notice. Inside at the Fresh Start, our group, led happily by me, delved deeply into gaining expertise in therapeutic skills using Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries.

August 2012

World Class Continuing Education at Body Therapy Institute

Full Body Presence, cutting edge, somatic training at Body Therapy Institute, October, 25-26, 2012.

February 2012

Love in the Cosmos

Trout lilies leaves and the first spring beauties are out! From our yard we listen to the insistent calling of chorus frogs from the wetlands behind our house.

December 2011

Close to the Earth

I’m loving the views of the Earth from two Iredell County friends, as they scout the woods and fields and local venues with their cameras.

October 2011

An Evening With Thomas Berry

I sat in the audience, the autumn night cool, during Piedmont Bioregional Institute’s conference at Camp New Hope, listening and scribbling. The cadence of Thomas’s words, his resonant voice, even in his elder years always mesmerized me.

September 2011

The Work That Heals

Meeting Joanna Macy, author, activist and teacher, has been on my bucket list for the last twenty years, ever since I read her collaboratively authored book, Thinking Like A Mountain. I was not disappointed.

August 2011

When the Old Becomes the New

On a recent visit to the beautiful mountain town of Asheville, a friend loaned me a book by Cynthia Bourgeault that she said, “changed her life.”

July 2011

Erosion in Our Lives

On the woodsy downhill trail to my favorite swimming spot, I overheard a query from a father to his young daughter, “do you know about erosion?”

"Being Love Now"

It’s happening again. Visiting an opening at the Eno Gallery in Hillsborough, with artwork by Nancy Tuttle May, opened the doorway for my hopscotch-style inner musings . . .

May 2011

House of Life

I went to an art opening recently in historic downtown Hillsborough to see a series of vibrant paintings, by my friend Melissa Miller, entitled Places We Come From. . . . .