Full Body Listening: Reflections on Life, Healing and the Ecozoic

Love in the Cosmos

Monday February 20, 2012

Trout lilies leaves and the first spring beauties are out! From our yard we listen to the insistent calling of chorus frogs from the wetlands behind our house.

On evening walks in the Eno forest, I’ve heard monkey calls from the barred owls and the pileated drumming in the forest. Outside my window as I work, I’ve spotted retail hawks soaring in pairs.

I’m hearing and seeing the signs of Love, renewing her vibrations in the cosmos once again.

There is something different in the smells of the Earth as well. Last night, walking across a parking lot to go see our friend in a play, the moisture announcing today’s rain was vibrant notice to my nose that even though temperature were about to drop, maybe even bringing snow, that Spring in all her delight is preparing to open a new, ever renewing cycle beneath my feet.

From where I walked on the trail, the sound of the monkey calls of the two barred owls along Nancy Rhodes Creek connected to that in me that recognizes connection. Their hoo-hooh-hahw-hah-hagh-hahgh’s, rising in intensity, more elaborate and complex that I can describe, filled the space between us, leaping from my ears to my body’s cells to my heart, which expanded with wonder.

Later my husband told me that he had observed that we became very still as we listened, that we each sighed, a deep involuntary, sound of satisfaction—our participation in the Love.


  1. Whoa… What a beautiful post, I felt that one…


    Cindy · 4502 days ago · #

  2. thank you for sharing this with me…I am so grateful for the beauty surrounding me on Bolin Creek. love to you and Dave.

    — Salli · 4497 days ago · #

  3. the owls here are also singing in the spring with the hoos, haws, and trills, an intense greeting of vibration as well as sound. thanks Joanna!

    — carolyn christman · 4496 days ago · #

  4. I would love to hear more owl calls, thank you for sharing, I was able to imagine being there with you!

    — Wendy · 4496 days ago · #

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