Full Body Listening: Reflections on Life, Healing and the Ecozoic

Close to the Earth

Tuesday December 13, 2011

I’m loving the views of the Earth from two Iredell County friends, as they scout the woods and fields and local venues with their cameras.

Something in me sinks in a good way as I settle into the microcosm of a leaf poking its stem above an icy barrier seen through Don’s camera, or breathes deeply, recognizing intimacy with the intricacies of winter cabbage in Michelle’s Images. Their artistry reveals unity with the sacred arising in plants, rocks, and water, in sky and local color.

Appreciating such moments is the gift of slowing down. On Sundays, my husband and I take long walks with our dogs, usually along the trails of the Eno River. In this slowed down time, I see what I might otherwise miss completely, the microcosm of life around me.

Last week, Dave pointed out a couple of Canadian geese in midstream nearly blended into the rocks in the morning light, as he climbed the hill away from the river. Something held me still as I watched the closer of the two geese, beginning a bath.

In several fluid motions, the goose efficiently dipped his head into the silvery water and scooped water over his breast and back. Head up, his wings spread like fingertips in the morning sun to fling water outwards, refreshing his damp feathers. His whole body shook, and then he expunged the last bits of excess river water with a delightful tail shiver.

This simple moment gave me a smile. I felt held by the Earth, partnered with the life of the river.

It was a pleasure, a moment of freedom from the extraneous, landing in stillness witnessing the intrinsically sacred ritual of a goose bathing in the river.

Leaf in Water, by Don Underhill at Underhill Designs.com
Winter Cabbage, by Michele Cooke at Michelle’s Images


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